Connect with your clients and prospects like never before using video text messages, video emails, and video courses.

Cut through the noise with video text messages and video emails

98% of text messages get opened and read. Video messages get 10x more replies than plain-text only.

StickyClient is a revolutionary new way to communicate with your clients and prospects. You can send video messages via text or email. But, unlike social media, you have control of who can see each message!

Send short or long videos (up to an hour long), add formatted text with links, attach and share files. Embed YouTube videos, too.

Use your computer or smartphone to send and manage it all. You can send images or just simple text, too.

Warm-up clients and prospects with engaging online video courses

87% of businesses use online video as a marketing tool. Online video is the fastest growing way to engage clients and prospects.

StickyClient lets you create free online video courses for your clients and prospects to learn about your services, your products, and an unlimited range of information that relates to what your business offers.

Use videos to teach on any topic. Add followup questions to deepen engagement. Make it simple to access private course content with our smart login system.

Organize your clients and prospects

Keep your clients and prospects organized in simple groups.

StickyClient lets you use simple grouping to organize your clients and prospects in exactly the way that fits your business.

Group people by age or value or asset-type or level of engagement. Put people in multiple groups that fit their demographics and characteristics.

Then send messages that are specific to that group of people. It's the easiest way to make sure your communication is highly relevant.

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All plans include unlimited emails, text messages, and video courses.

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